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Best Shared Web Hosting in Pakistan

The world has become a global village because of the widespread usage of the internet which allows a person to know everything about the matters going on in the world by sitting in one place. This spread leads to the formation of websites on the Internet and now every person who has little knowledge about the formation of websites is moving towards this side and needs Web Hosting therefore cheapest and best web hosting in pakistan is

What is web hosting?

The platform which helps them the most, while taking this step is the web hosting companies and especially in Pakistan, there is a big crowd of people who are getting engaged in the websites. They eventually need the best web hosting company to help them on their way. 

Everyone likes to enjoy the services of free web hosting companies but it is very difficult to know which one we have to pick. Web hosting companies actually allow a publisher to store his files including documents, HTML, videos and images on it. They provide them with the space where the web page owner stores his material.

Pakistan Web hosting

Pakistan web hosting is one of the top hostings in the world. There are so many different hosting companies in Pakistan like Fastxhost that are providing their best services to the publishers.

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Best web hosting companies in Pakistan:

In 2023 the web hosting companies in Pakistan were ranked and according to the ranking of 2023 the list of the top best free web hosting companies in Pakistan is given below.

  • Navico soft:

This web hosting company in Pakistan has a user ranking of 4.7 and a hosting info ranking of 4.1. It was founded in 2004 and there are more than 10000 customers. The servers of this company are available in Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • Fastxhost:

Fastxhost is one of the best web hosting providing companies in Pakistan that are leading their services in amazing ways. They are providing cheap

 hosting plans. They also offer VPS along with the shared hosting plans for everyone.

  • Web hoster:

Web hoster is another best hosting provider companies in Pakistan. It was founded in 2009 and the servers of this company are available in Singapore, Germany and the USA it also provides a money-back period of 7 days. So having a users ranking of  4,  it also comes in the top ranking list of web hosting companies in Pakistan.

  • Host break:

This company was founded in 2001 and there are around 1000 customers they are dealing with but the problem is that their servers are available only in Pakistan. But they are performing their best in their circle

  • Sky host:

Sky host is another best Web hosting provider servers in Pakistan which have a money-back guarantee of 10 days and it is working with a user ranking of 4.6.

  • Silk host. pk:

Silk host. pk was founded in 2015 and it is dealing with around 4000 customers. By providing its services in Pakistan, Asia and the USA it comes under the user ranking of 4.3 and is considered the reliable web hosting company in Pakistan.


The Fastxhost in Pakistan provide the best reseller plans, which you can get after dealing with them and will gain more knowledge by visiting their websites. The company Fastxhost provides cheap web hosting USA services which are considered to be the best services provider there.  Although there are many Pakistani web companies which do not provide their services in the English language, you can choose from them according to your need because they provide the best services around the world.